Executive team development

Alignment, collaboration, innovation and leadership all start at the executive team level. CATALYST4 has designed its own Executive Team Assessment Tool (effectively a warrant of fitness for executive teams) which addresses shared direction, team dynamics, conflict, and decision making. The results of this Assessment Tool inform the design of executive team workshops and development approaches that enhance the team’s dynamics and performance.

Peter works to take high performing teams further, as well as working with teams where the interpersonal dynamics are getting in the way of team and business performance.

Recent examples

  • Over a period of two years, a high performing executive team used CATALYST4 to conduct periodic reviews that ensured the team maintained a sharp level of focus, enhanced their decision making, and lived further their espoused values.
  • The promotion of a new Service Line Leader within a professional services firm led to a stronger national (vs. regional) focus. CATALYST4 helped accelerate the transition by helping the partners identify the key elements of their new national role, clarifying the unique value they added, and agreeing key behaviours that would support working collaboratively.
  • Key tensions between the MD and members of the executive team, and between key functional heads was severely hampering organisational performance. CATALYST4 (in conjunction with a partner consulting firm) worked with the team to identify the shared team purpose, the work that was best done together (vs. that which was best done in smaller groups) and facilitated honest (and difficult) conversations that helped the parties agree how they would handle conflict.