Leadership development

CATALYST4 works with people and organisations to develop and enhance their leadership potential. We build leadership capacity at multiple levels within your organisation and have specialist expertise in developing leadership at senior levels.

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Consulting – design and review

As part of Peter’s PhD research, 770 executives were asked, “What is leadership?” It was found that the most common answer to the question only accounted for 12% of responses. This confirms that peoples’ ideas of what defines leadership are many and varied.

As a result, organisations need to select a way of thinking about leadership that suits their organisation and its strategic drivers.  We work with organisations to help them make these choices.

We also work with senior leaders and OD practitioners to:

  • Review (formally or informally) development frameworks and programmes.  We provide independent third party assurance and recommendations for enhancements.
  • Think through the best approach to take for future leadership development. Peter’s combination of experience, depth of underpinning research, and global perspective, can give you confidence that the approach we design together will work for you.

Example 1

Designing the future leadership development architecture with a large global manufacturing and consumer goods firm.
  • When this global organisation wanted to significantly revamp its leadership development offerings, CATALYST4 plus a leading Australian consultant were selected to work with the internal OD/HR team to create an integrated leadership development framework.
  • This included creating a high-level design for a global leadership programme for direct reports to the executive team.

Example 2

Reviewing the Agriculture Industry Leadership Pipeline.
  • Dr Peter Blyde was the lead researcher on a project reviewing the leadership development pipeline within the Agriculture and Horticulture sectors as well as their leadership programmes. This work is summarised in the 2004 Review of Leadership Development in the Ag/Hort Industry.
  • Based on this work, in 2009, CATALYST4 reviewed the Dairy Industry strategy providing recommendations on future strategic directions and investment criteria.
  • Peter remains strongly involved in the shaping of an industry leadership pipeline through his Steering Committee Role on PICA.

Example 3

Reviewing leadership development approaches within a global professional services firm.
  • CATALYST4 provided recommendations on the overall development approach based on best practice development principles and recommended changes to their competency framework.
  • The result was the creation of an integrated leadership development approach, tailored to key leadership transitions within the organisation.


Leadership programmes and facilitation

Peter’s credibility is often drawn on to facilitate sessions with senior executive audiences — where robust challenging of the content is common and where the application of the ideas and tools into difficult situations is required.

Since 1992, Peter has been designing and delivering long-term, integrated leadership development programmes. These vary from 2-day programmes (with follow-up) through to 6-18 month programmes.

The design and delivery incorporates various combinations of workshops, peer coaching, reflective writing, 1:1 coaching, and leadership projects.

Peter’s facilitation style is described as insightful, practical, energising and challenging.  Clients appreciate his commitment to delivering tools that are practical; facilitating sessions that allow them to apply the principles and tools to real situations; and using his experiences and insight to challenge and extend their thinking.

Example 1

A six-month leadership development programme based on Lominger Competencies.
  • The programme was designed and facilitated by CATALYST4 with content regularly updated to reflect the needs within the industry.
  • The delivery consists of workshops, peer learning, reflective writing and leadership reading.
  • The CEO described the programme as “one of the best leadership programmes he’s been involved with in his career.”

Example 2

An 18-month leadership development programme to assist leaders to transition into General Management roles co-designed by CATALYST4.
  • CATALYST4 worked closely with the executive and internal HR teams to design and deliver workshops as well as key sessions – including an internal case study, presentations, and Q&A.
  • The workshops incorporated customised exercises based on actual work experiences (including videoed sessions of meetings); facilitating skill based workshops, and integrating sessions with partner consulting organisations.

Example Three

A six month leadership development programme focused on ‘leading across the white spaces’ co-designed by CATALYST4 and the internal HR team.
  • The programme incorporates international leadership experts, internal executive presentations and case studies, development sessions facilitated by CATALYST4, and collaborative leadership projects.