Leadership coaching

“The conversation with you (360 feedback) that morning down at the Novotel was another part of it. I’ve had (similar feedback before), but that morning, some of the things you said just made sense that day. It was one of those ‘aha’ moments — yeah I get it. But I’d probably been told those things in different ways many times over the last five or six years and haven’t got it.” – District Commander Superintendent

Peter provides a 1:1 sounding board to support leaders think through the key leadership issues they face and to extend their leadership performance and potential. CATALYST4 conducts 1:1 coaching to support leaders as they make key transitions (e.g. new roles, new teams after restructures); to extend their development in key areas (e.g. talent initiatives, follow up after leadership development programmes, supporting behaviour change based on development plans); and to support work/life balance tensions.

Senior leaders, in particular, need places where they can “think aloud without consequences” and to have conversations where the focus is on what it is they personally are doing (or not doing) that is contributing to the way things are.

Clients value Peter’s ability to ask insightful questions that draw out their own insights combined with his ability to create alternatives they haven’t considered and to provide perspectives that extend their thinking further.