Across organisation alignment

CATALYST4 has developed approaches that bring whole organisations, or key members from across the organisation, together to shape, clarify and take action on what it takes to work collaboratively.

Example One

Manufacturing Organisation

  • Conflicts between shifts and between production and other areas of the organisation were hampering growth plans of the organisation.
  • CATALYST4 designed a process with a key internal HR specialist and the executive team to share the overall strategy in a fresh and compelling way; to ‘map’ the interactions between the departments, and to foster the skills and feedback required to work more interdependently across the organisation.

Example Two

Fast Moving Consumer Goods Organisation
  • Key middle managers within this fast moving consumer goods organisation were surveyed about the alignment across the organisation, and the alignment between middle and senior managers.
  • In combination with the work on executive team alignment and a range of other initiatives – this organisation has grown rapidly, increased profitability, won engagement awards – all in a very difficult market.